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Sweden - WyWallet - User Signup Process


Firstly if you are unsure of what WyWallet is, you may want to read the FAQ: Sweden - WyWallet - Direct Operator Billing Regulations.

 WyWallet is now live in Sweden and is the only method users can use to make PSMS payments. Swedish regulators have ruled that this payment method must be opt-in, so before users can make any PSMS payments they need to make a one time registration to the WyWallet system. Since the scheme is new, it is recommended that you add this information to your promotions along with instructions on how to join.

Thankfully registration for most users is as simple as sending an SMS, for prepaid users there are a few extra steps, you can find all explained below in local language to be placed directly onto your page:



För att börja betala med WyWallet behöver du bara se till att din mobiltelefon är inställd på rätt sätt och att det finns pengar på ditt WyWallet-konto. Om du inte redan har registrerat ett WyWallet-konto måste du först göra det här.


Du registrerar dig enkelt genom att SMS:a WW till 71 798


This roughly translates to: 

To start paying with WyWallet you just need to make sure your cell phone is set up properly and that there is money in your WyWallet account. If you have not already registered a WyWallet account, you must first make it here.

You register by simply texting WW to 71 798.

Please read the updated version of the "Improved registration purchase process" 

The web resource for users seeking more information on registration is here:, please remember all promotional material and instructions relating to premium services in Sweden must be in Swedish.

For more information on WyWallet please contact our support team.

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