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Direct Carrier Billing Types and Decision Tree


Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Direct Operator Billing (DCB; Direct Carrier Billing), allows billing direct onto the customer’s phone bill. Typically but not always, this involves users being able to make “one click” on a mobile internet page to initiate the billing, rather than users sending in an MO or receiving an MT pin to make the transaction. 

Many operators throughout the world are enabling to this kind of mobile billing and are seeing it as a valuable option alongside Premium SMS, ultimately to make the customer experience easier and client payouts higher. There is however, no standard way that operators are enabling Direct Operator Billing, so we have started to categorize based on multiple models (payment flows), details of which can be seen below.


DCB Type Descriptions

Limited DCB  Billing is made direct to the consumer's account, however an MO is required. An MT confirmation (Non-billed) is then  dispatched.
Pure DCB  Billing is made directly to consumer's account with no need for an MO or MT.
MSISDN Forwarding  MSISDN is forwarded to merchant (via aggregator) via web pass-through enabling billing to take place.
MSISDN Forward Window  MSISDN is forwarded to merchant (via aggregator) via web pass-through enabling billing to take place.
PIN or MO Base Window  Billing is made direct to users account through a pre-defined window service.
Not Direct Operator Billing     Billing takes place through the receipt of an MT to the consumer's handset. 


DCB Type Features 

 Limited DCBPure DCB  MSISDN ForwardingMSISDN Forward windowPIN or MO Based windowNot Direct Operator Billing
Is a pre-defined window required? E.g. Is a set payment screen provided that initiates the transaction?  NO.png NO.png NO.png  YES.png YES.png YES.png NO.png 
Is PIN entry required? E.g. Is a PIN code MT sent to verify that the user agrees to making the transaction?  NO.png YES.png NO.png NO.png NO.png YES.png  YES.png NO.png 
Does it need an MO? E.g. Can the user send a message from their handset to initiate the transaction? YES.png NO.png  NO.png NO.png  NO.png  YES.png NO.png 
Is a billed MT required? E.g. Can the user receive a billed message to their handset to be charged? NO.png NO.png  NO.png NO.png NO.png YES.png NO.png 
Are mobile web user's MSISDNs detected? E.g. Are mobile internet browsers verified as billable by auto-detecting their MSISDN? NO.png  NO.png  YES.png  NO.png  NO.png  YES.png NO.png  


YES.png = Yes

NO.png = No

YES.png NO.png = Can be both



DCB Type Flow Diagram 



 DCB Type Examples by Country

Limited DCB  Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa
Pure DCB  DK, BE, TW, FI, SE, IE, CH, DO, SV, GT, HO, IT, NL, NI, PA, TW, TR
MSISDN Forwarding  PL, BE, FI, UK, IE, NO, DE, SE, SA, RU, ZA, SG, AU
MSISDN Forward Window  Payforit UK, France, Italy        
PIN or MO Based Window        Payforit UK, France, Italy
Not direct Operator Billing           UK premium SMS

Note some countries may support more than one DCB billing type. For example in the UK if a user isn't browsing via their mobile handset, so their MSISDN can't be detected, then Payforit falls back to having the user send an MO or by sending them an MT with a PIN code. 

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