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Mobile Billing for Gambling Operators - Common FAQ's


What countries do you cover? and what are the commercials?




What flows do you provide? Any Examples?



and for more background:



We are interested in getting an aggregation Merchant ID that would allow us to process transactions for our merchants through it, would you be willing to offer this option for us?

We can discuss an Operator reference included in the billing URL.

Merchant IDs normally include the specific merchant/casino bill statement tag so customers can easily identify mobile charges.

Casino merchant transactions could be aggregated during the txtNation billing cycle.

‘On board merchants’? If question coming through the Operator and Operator wants to deliver pay by mobile to individual merchant operators then the answer would be the ‘remote gambling’ prior permission. Assuming Operator is going to refer them to us as billing partner to manage that with each of them.

This answer also depends on whether Operator is taking commission from transaction or working on a different model.



What would the KYC procedures required to on board merchants?

The KYC procedures are the full responsibility of the casino and required when Player withdraws money.
So we can integrate technical solution and assess merchant complies with KYC polices/processes. Some poker rooms execute KYC during play to identify key location/tax information. For general betting/casino full KYC happens on withdrawal.
Age verification procedures are required up front or at least very shortly after registration / 1st Deposit & Play. When mobile deposits are used as 1st Deposit then casino required to execute age verification process.
Regulators require us to execute some level of checks / audit where we integrate mobile billing. e.g. getting signed statements from casino about their policies/procedures (which is part of the prior permission certification process).
Mobile Operator Billing allows users to quickly make a deposit and redeem special offer value. Where user has to fill out awkward / lengthy fields we can assist with age verification and ID flows; while ‘registered / non active' players can redeem special offers immediately using mobile billing.


What is the flow for a transaction with Direct Billing? After the first payment is approved, can a player place next payments without sending a confirmation SMS (one click only?)

  • UK: Making assumption that Payforit single click could be applied for repeat deposits (within 1 hr time frame).
  • Other markets: Single new opt-in each time – providing work to total daily spend limit.


Do you support open pricing or are we required to set and manage price points per country?

  • Dynamic pricing (real-time) should be possible in the future. 
  • For now we can offer static dynamic price points in countries: UK, Sweden, Denmark, Russia.

UK : 1p to £30  (with exception of T-Mob and Orange where only incremental of 2.50 over £10).

Russia:  50 to 5000 RUB

Denmark: 1 – 225 DKK 

Sweden:  1 – 300 SEK 


See coverage list for full list of markets:



What features do you offer that makes your solution better than the other solutions in the market?

Mobile billing in this sector is a key focus for txtNation:
  • Capability to support SMS & D2M billing.
  • Age verification consultancy (Optional).
  • Higher support levels.
  • Direct billing solution to several markets for iGaming through single API. 
  • Specialism in iGaming, with experience in deploying services in the sector with mobile network operators and regulators. Understanding in detail expectations, obligations and predominant considerations to overall success of live production campaigns.
  • Optimised billing flows for web, mobile web and in-app – through single solution. 


Which mobile systems do you support (IOS, Android, Window phone, etc.)?

  • ALL – providing ‘Pay by Mobile’ is acceptable to terms of individual OS. 
    • IOS presents challenge in this respect; where we recommend using standard rate SMS only as customer engagement tool instead.
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