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Switzerland - EasyPay - Direct Billing - MSISDN Forwarding & Billing (Header Enrichment), Single Click for Mobile Web


Direct Operator Billing with EasyPay (MSISDN Forwarding) in Switzerland


EasyPay; Direct Billing on Swisscom only is available on request.

'Single Click' flow is enabled when a user is on the mobile web (when on Wifi the user is asked to enter mobile number).

This API allows for the MSISDN "Pass-through" and billing of Swisscom.

  • We request Service Providers send us their URL (where their BUY button is located), for white listing.
  • We host your URL for Single Click payments.
  • Other mobile networks; Orange and Sunrise - require WOI (OTP) Flows to initiate billing.


Example Service provider using Single Click in Switzerland, Swisscom EasyPay Direct Billing:



Wifi Billing Flow:



IP Ranges, MSISDN Forwarding

Note - The IP for MSISDN Forwarding is not the real device IP, but rather the public IP ranges from Swisscom Mobile Proxy enabling MSISDN Forwarding.

This means, if you have 32k IPs, most of them are not going through our Mobile Proxy and hence no MSISDN Forwarding.

MSISDN Forwarding requires registration of URL’s (URL to be MSISDN header enriched) on Swisscom side, then you will see those MSISDN enriched requests to those registered URL’s through one of the IP’s within those 2 ranges ( ,, again those IP’s are not the real device IP, but the public IP’s from Swisscom mobile proxy for MSISDN Forwarding.

For service providers it just means whenever you get a request to one of the registered URL’s within those 2 ranges, you will have the MSISDN in the request header.


Approval Process:



Customer Care:

  • Inclusion of Customer Care Support link in MT messages, for Self Service Customer Care.

  • We recommend using CampaignShield, for Single Click services in Switzerland:



How to use Cookies for repeat users:

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