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JunglePay / Accounts - Account Balance Does Not Match My Database



I have checked my JunglePay (Widget) passwords database and there appears to be a lot more transactions than the control panel is crediting me for. Why is this?


You will most likely notice that the majority of transactions in your database have the confirmed column set to "0". This means the user has requested a password, but not necessarily paid for it.

The user data flow is as follows:

1) User visits site, logs in and chooses payment.

2) User sends SMS to our server.

3) We generate password and make the first post to your server with all details.

4) Billed message is sent to the user containing the password.

5) User enters password on the widget

6) Second post is triggered to your server confirming the payment.

Any SMS transaction in your database marked as status "0" is most likely incomplete. Reasons for this include lack of credit or the user having spent too much in a single day.

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