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JunglePay / Premium - Remote Assist (and .htaccess) Installation Guide


Remote Assist is a pre-built system that will allow your website to create a secure connection with us. Payment notifications will be sent to your server and logged in your database. Full payment automation from the end user paying to purchased product being provided is achievable with little effort. 

After the installation of Remote Assist and the setup of your billing campaigns through JunglePay Account Setup pages you will be minutes away from taking your first live payment.

Note: Remote Assist requires a JunglePay Premium Account.


If you would prefer to install Remote Assist onto your server manually then you can download the installation files and upload them to your FTP. For further help with doing this please read the manual installation section in the Remote Assist Documentation.




Remote Assist Documentation.


Server Requirements 

Your system must meet the requirements listed below in order for the integration to go smoothly.


  • Linux web server
  • Apache
  • PHP 4.3.x or greater
  • MYSQL 4.1.x or greater
  • .htaccess support recommended


Once you have confirmed that you have all of the above setup or and equivalent system that supports PHP & MYSQL you are ready to get started.



Q: Hi, I am currently trying to implement "remote assist". However, my members area is currently protected, not by MySQL database, but by .htaccess and .htpasswrd file. Therefore, I am wondering if there is anyway to implement remote assist or to have Junglepay work with both these files, many thanks.

A: Yes we can assist you with .htaccess, providing you have a MYSQL database for the rest of remote assist. Please provide the following logged in a ticket so we can activate it for you:

FTP Login Details = 
Company Code / ID = 
Website URL = 
Location of the HTAccess file = 
Logins / URL for remote assist installation =

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