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JunglePay / Guide - What are the options for Integration?


HTML - Iframe and Javascript

We offer 2 main types of integration for the JunglePay widget.

 Iframe and JavaScript.

JunglePay Widget Integration Guide

JunglePay API

Alongside this we provide the API for Advanced Integration, giving more customisation to developers, by-passing the widget (using back-end).


JunglePay API Features:

  • Multiple Languages are supported with JunglePay API
  • Full Control over the display (cosmetics) of JunglePay i.e. the Widget.

If you don't require the above we recommend you use the txtNation Gateway API.

JunglePay - API


.htaccess (Optional)

The quick integration is where you copy and paste some lines of code (and can set up htaccess) and the other is using our API.

Please read more:


JunglePay Wizard provides a step by step installation to help the most novice of users. Screenshot below:


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