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JunglePay / SMS (Mobile) Billing - How much can I charge?


With JunglePay you can set your price points to match the amount you want to charge. JunglePay SMS billing uses shortcodes to bill users, each shortcode has pre-defined tariffs, which means that each country can have a limited amount of price points available.

The price will be rounded up to the closest available tariff on that network / mobile operator. e.g. if price set to either £0.49 or £0.50 it will bill at the closest available tariff, which in the UK is £0.50. In Nigeria this would bill 100NGN, which is the closest to £0.50 available at the time of writing this FAQ. 

Once you set your base price JunglePay will calculate the closest available tariff for each country. If the price is set in a different currency, JunglePay will where possible achieve the closest price in accordance with the available tariffs and transaction limits in each country. 




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