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JunglePay / Accounts - How much do I get paid per transaction?


You get paid great rates using JunglePay.




Big Pie from Mobile Billing

With SMS Billing carriers take around 35% of all SMS revenues, while credit card processors take a 2-5% cut on average. However, SMS payments enjoys much higher conversions. So, you get a smaller percentage of a much bigger pie.

The pie charts illustrate how much the carriers take from SMS revenues in comparison with what the processors take from credit card revenues. We take your revenues from the green zones.

In the bar graph, you can see that on average, customers are much more likely to pay by Premium SMS than credit card. Only 7% of users tend to visit a site and pay by card. But a massive 60% pay by SMS!


Payouts with JunglePay:

mobile sms payouts50-80% Mobile (SMS)* Phone billing payouts50-60% IVR (Phone Billing - i.e. Land-line Phone)* Credit Card payouts88% Credit Card**

* Varies per country within this range due to Operator differences (low end 50%, top end 80%).

** Per Transaction Charge: £0.40.


Minimum withdrawal amount to get paid out

You get paid out once you reach a minimum of £200 (200 euro, 400 USD) in your account balance.



To read more see and see how much money you can be making!

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