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JunglePay / Conversions - Should I use JunglePay when total costs are higher than credit card processors?


JunglePay conversion is very high (from 50 - 70%) and reaches customers who might not usually choose to pay for your services.

We believe that when you sell high-margin goods, such as virtual goods, it’s best to focus primarily on increasing your overall revenue vs. reducing cost. To increase revenue.

To increase revenues, we can help in two main ways:

  • Sell more: Because of our global reach and no registration, with JunglePay, your conversion rates are high. Check out 'How much you get paid' to see how to improve your business with JunglePay.
  • Charge higher price points: We have lots of price points and higher price points than our competition. On billing, we allow you to pass on the mobile operator fees to consumers to make gains in margins.
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