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JunglePay - Guide to setting up - Quick Start!


If you need some assistance setting your JunglePay account up, please see below for our step by step guide:

  1. Log onto
  2. Go to create a widget as shown below:



 3. Select a Campaign Name and which type of JunglePay Widget you wish to use.3.png


4. Choose a price that you would like to charge your customers.



 5. Select how you would like your Widget to look.

 6. Select the type of integration. We recommend javascript for those who do not know how to use iframes.

      Also you choose the post URL (note this is optional).



  7. After your Widget is complete please Register.


 8. Once Registered, login and select the campaign you have set up and take the integration code and integrate it (copy and paste!) into your website.

 9. You also need to add in our customer care (HTML - Copy Paste!) code which can be found under the download button.



10. Copy and Paste the customer care (HTML) code into your website. This will help your customers if they have any problems with payment!


11. Once this is complete you are ready to start taking payments!

12. To view your revenue and account balance please go to:

13. Login in with your same details as your JunglePay Dashboard! It's that easy.

14. Once logged in, go to

Your Account,

Account Management,

Account Balance

and then select Mobile to view your current revenue.


 If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us here at txtNation.

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