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JunglePay / Country Guide - Brazil - Mobile Payments in Brazil


JunglePay does not cover Claro network at this time for Brazil Mobile Payments. This mobile operator does not accept PIN Payments at this time.

         Please note - if wish to accept payments from Brazil from Claro - we have another Short Code you can use via our Gateway service.

Please feel free to add mobile network information on your site for Brazilian users if you require, so they are aware of Claro.

Supported networks with JunglePay in Brazil:


Example Reply message to a user in Brazil:

Parabens! Compra realizada
com sucesso.Conteudo em:
W9N78eH9rg9Z24 Custo:RS


In Brazil, when using JunglePay customer simply clicks on the link in the text message to get PIN / PASSWORD.

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