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JunglePay / Credit Card Billing - Application Form


Please fill out the attached Application form to get Credit Card billing enabled.

Please note you will need a JunglePay Premium Account for access to Credit / Debit card billing.

The processing time can take anywhere up to 1 week to have Card payments enabled on your JunglePay account / widget.

You can also download the application form for Card Payments from your administration area.


As per the document  you will also need to submit:

A proof of identity of your company: certificate of incorporation or certificate to trade.

• A proof of identify of your company beneficial owners (holding over 25%) or director of the company (in case there is no beneficial owners): A government issued photo ID such as driver’s license, identity card or passport.

• A copy of a utility bill or bank statement (no older than 3 months) showing the address of the person submitted as beneficial owner or director.

• A valid VAT ID

Please return via a ticket or

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