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JunglePay / Country Guide - UK - Payforit for Mobile Payments


Payforit with JunglePay for UK Mobile Payments


Payforit is now live for UK Clients across JunglePay.

This allows and Mobile payments made in the UK to be taken through this innovative platform.

The solution is called Payforit and has been created by the UK mobile operators to offer a recognisable, reliable and also trusted source. Designed to reduce the amount of friction the user will face during this process, there is a unique opt in method for each platform for websites and mobile sites.
The Payforit solution guides the customers through the payment process in a clear, easy and safe manor which keeps the trust element in place. It also includes all customer care details clearly visible to the customer at all times allowing them to get help should they need it.

Similar to SMS payment except it will not require the user to send an SMS message. Instead it will ask the customer to enter their phone number into Payforit, the customer receives a PIN to the handset and is asked to enter it back into JunglePay to confirm. The amount is then billed to the relevant customer’s phone credit or contract bill “silently” on the operator’s side, so no premium SMS is sent to the handset to bill the amount.

This has been built into the widget as you can see below: 



In the UK you will need to register with PPP. Please see: How to register your site with Phonepayplus.  It's free to register.

Note: £10 is the maximum amount billable on JunglePay with Payforit in the UK.

            Unless get exemption to bill higher (up to £30). On application.

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