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SMS Billing - Branding Messages


Q: How can I set the price using branding messages? My testing results indicate only the first message is being sent.

A: You dont set the price via branding messages, this is done by specifying a different amount of credits to bill the user. You will find this FAQ useful:


What are branding messages?
Branding messages are sent to your end user when you bill an amount that does not equal the value available on one of our SMS lines.

We will send a normal message plus enough branding messages to bill the amount required.

Your normal messages are defined in whichever module you are using in Control Panel.

You define branding messages in Control Panel under Your Account > Branding Messages. Each is up the the standard 160 character length for SMS. One unique branding message is used in turn for each of the required billing messages.

For example if you charge 5 credits, we will send enough messages to charge at least 5 credits to the end user. If the maximum price point for that line a shortcode is 3 credits, we will send one normal message at 3 credits and one branding message at 2 credits. If there is a fixed price point of 3 credits for the shortcode, we will send the normal message at 3 credits and a branding message at 3 credits so the end user will be charged 6 credits.

Some shortcodes are restricted by Limited Credits. This is shown as billing type 'LC' in the list of short codes. This means that you are only allowed to send one billed message per transaction. If you try to charge 5 credits on a 3 credit LC shortcode, this will be rejected and the end user will not be billed.

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