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Q: I requested a report for incoming traffic on my account for November and saw about 500 results listed. Many of these were listed as 'ir_gateway' and no message text was given. What are these messages? Are they inbound messages or outbound messages that are somehow listed in the outbound report? I never received all these 500 messages on my server application. (Perhaps they are STOP requests but this is not made clear in the inbound traffic report). Please clarify.

A: Thanks for your ticket, this depends on if you are looking at Statistics / Incoming Requests, or Statistics / Outgoing Responses.

Incoming Requests also shows when you perform an ir_gateway post to us requesting an MT gets sent to the user. It will also show when there are MO requests from the users and you have responded with an MT using ir_response.

Outgoing Responses just shows the outgoing messages.

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