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SMS Billing - SMS Delivery Report NO_CREDIT / MT Credits


Q: When I receive MO or IO message from Turkey/Greece I would like to send reply SMS with password - I cannot do that because I got error "NO_CREDIT (R1) 2010-02-03 00:30:02" (please see statistics of my Incoming Requests for reference:

please add more credits to my account. 


A: Thanks for your ticket. The delivery report you are referring to is the result of a user with a pre-paid SIM card that doesn't have credit on their phone. The message could not be delivered because the user has "no credit".

Adding bulk SMS credits in this instance would not help you.

You are able re-try sending the message at a later date to see if the user has topped up credit, however do not send more than 3 attempts to the same MSISDN as excess failed messages can result in penalties.

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