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Premium SMS Billing - Error Codes


Gateway Error Codes


There are a number of common error codes which are extremely useful during the setup and integration process.
These error codes may be displayed in response, when making a POST to the txtNationGateway, where the Gateway can automatically detect the error.


The below is all in relation to the txtNation Gateway Wiki:


The process:


When an HTTP POST is made to the txtNation Gateway server, the Gateway server immediately acknowledges the post with OK / SUCCESS where applicable.


If the txtNation Gateway server detects a known error it will respond with one of the following codes.   


Do not confuse these with delivery reports which are posted back to you when we receive a notification from the carrier. 




What the response indicates:




SUCCESS / OK indicates that an initial basic check on the post has been performed and it meets prescribed checking criteria.


It does not mean that the message will necessarily be delivered to the handset.


Use delivery reports to establish if the messages reached their intended destination. 


A brief description of each of the Error Codes you may receive:


IR-101 - Duplicate post-back from client. We have already received a post-back for this transaction. 
IR-102 - A binary transaction has been requested, but UDH has not been specified. 
IR-103 - An invalid ekey / company code has been set and posted to us. (These are case sensitive)
IR-104 - Invalid details. Unable to find inbound record. Please check the “id” and "network" you submitted matches the one posted to you for the request. 

IR-401 - The `reply` variable is not being correctly evaluated. Confirm you are (1) sending it, (2) populating it.
IR-403 - Message ID must be numeric. A non-numeric value has been set for the message id variable. 
IR-404 - Missing Originating MSISDN. We need to know the phone number you wish to send to. 
IR-405 - Phone number not numeric. Please note that all phone number need to be numeric in value. 
IR-409 - Missing value variable. We need to know how much you intend to charge, in credits. E.g. 1.5. 
IR-410 - Message value non-numeric. Please ensure that the value variable is numeric. 
IR-412 - Network/value do not match. We do not have a matching network/value set for your request. 
IR-413 - Value must be Zero or above. The value variable must not be less than 0.00. 
IR-414 - Invalid brand or company code. The cc variable does not have a valid value in this post. 
IR-415 - Company code not found. The cc variable value you have set is not recognised. 
IR-416 - Missing Outbound Message. We could not find a message variable to post. 
IR-417 - Outgoing Message too long. Please ensure that the message does not exceed 160 characters. 
IR-418 - Sending billed message to MO network. Billed messages can’t be sent to MO billed networks. 
IR-419 - Sending billed message to Free Network. Billed messages can’t be sent through a bulk route. 
IR-420 - Network Invalid. The network you are attempting to send to is invalid and not recognised.


E-100 - Please contact Support for more assistance. 
E-101 - Operator Error. 
E-102 - Tariff Error. Please check the credit value that you’ve set. 
E-103 - Invalid Data. Please check your values and variables. 
E-105 - Invalid Operator ID. 
E-107 - Invalid Test. Please review your settings. 
E-108 - Sending failed, as you have no credits remaining on your account. 
E-109 - Sending through your account via txtNation is currently disabled in this country.


NOCREDITS - This error occurs when you have no available credits to send a non-billed message with. 
                           ** You should contact your txtNation account manager to purchase credits ** 


You may test if you are receiving error codes from the txtNation Gateway correctly: 


To do this, change your E-Key when performing a post, this will display an error code IR-103.

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