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Premium SMS - What are the SMS billing types available? What are MT, MO, NO, DO, IO, MF, LC, DC?


In Control Panel, when you select the country for your campaign, or when you view the list of countries available, you will be shown, for each short code/network:

Short Code: (or long code - and whether the code is adult, non-adult or restricted from your account)
Networks: (the mobile networks which support this short code)
User Texts In: (the words the end user must send before your campaign keywords)
Billing Type: (see below)

Countries and Networks support SMS Billing in different ways.


Billing Type Explanation
1- MT

Mobile Terminated

The end user sends an SMS at standard rate.
The outgoing message or messages are at premium rate.
Note some network operators, e.g. particularly in Belgium, refer to this as MT-R. txtNation never formally refer to it as MT-R. 

2- MO

Mobile Originated

The end user is billed by the network when they send in their initial message.
Any response message you send must be free to the end user, thus you will need pre-paid bulk credits on your account, however in some countries you get an inclusive standard rate MT with your premium transaction. To utilize this when using our Gateway return back the value of the line on the XML feed. Your account manager can inform you which countries have an inclusive MT. Although you can usually rely on the user having being billed once you receive the message, there can still be reductions for a number of reasons, e.g. if the end user doesn't end up paying their bill or fraud was detected on the line. 
Note some network operators, e.g. particularly in Belgium, refer to this as MO-R. txtNation never formally refer to it as MO-R.  

3- IO

One In One Out

MO or MT Billed with a mandatory MT. Both an MO and an MT is required to complete the transaction. 

You can not run subscription services with this billing type. You can ask the user to send in another message to bill up to the intended transactional value within the confines of the regulations for that country.

Note the difference between an 'MT billed IO country' and an 'MT billed LC country that doesnt allow subscriptions' is that with the former (IO) you could bill say 3 times the line value for a service/product with 3 MO messages sent in from the user, with LC it is not possible to bill multiple times to reach a higher transaction amount. 

4- NO

No Outgoing

Non-billed incoming messages only.

5- DO

Double Opt-In 

There is an initial, non-billed confirmation request.
The end user sends a message at standard rate.
They receive a non-billed response explaining how much they will be charged. You will need pre-paid bulk credits on your account.
The end user sends a second message at standard rate to confirm the transaction.
The outgoing message or messages are at premium rate. 

6- MF

Free Outgoing

No incoming.
The outgoing messages are free to the end user, thus you will need pre-paid bulk credits on your account.

7- LC

Limited Charge

The transaction is limited to a single tariff. In some cases subscription services can be possible with approval, however each MT can only be delivered at the price point of the line.

You are not able to charge higher amounts by sending two or more billed messages or by requesting the user to send in again to increase the value of the transaction. To understand "increase the value of the transaction", this means that within the regulations for that country you can have users re-text for a different service via the same keywords, but you must be delivering back a different product, password, image, ringtone, game, info message, etc. 

8- DC

Double Charge

MO billed with billed MT.

Users are billed both for sending in a message, and also for receiving a message, creating a double charge. 


In addition to this, you may see other messages explaining the conditions for SMS billing on that short code.

Please see our Region Guide for details of the rules and regulations, which apply in each country.

If you are in any doubt about the way you must bill in any country, please contact your Account Manager before starting your campaign.

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