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SMS Billing - SMS Overseas Roaming


Q: Can a user who is roaming overseas text into a shortcode hosted in their native country, or a shortcode in the country that they are roaming in?

In our experience we have not seen users be able to text into shortcodes in the country that they are roaming in at the time of sending. 

With regards to if a user roaming can send into a shortcode hosted where their originally contracted network provider is based, it may happen but there is no guarantee. Sometimes the text is routed correctly to the carrier and sometimes it is not.*

For example a UK contract phone can send messages into the UK shortcode 60999 when roaming overseas, but is unable to send into the USA shortcode 40841 when roaming in USA. 


Q: I am testing via a roaming SIM, previously messages were being delivered and now suddenly they are not being delivered. How can I resolve this?

There could be a number of reasons why this was previously working, but has suddenly stopped working, described below:

1) The carrier that you are roaming via may have changed. This new carrier may not support roaming messages being terminated via them. Try changing the network that you are roaming via and re-test.

2) Sometimes the routing carrier may alter the route that they use to deliver messages to certain countries and carriers within those countries. We can ask our routing partner to see if this has changed.

3) Sometimes txtNation may update the route that we deliver messages to countries, we aim to constantly provide a higher quality route, this can sometimes cause an unforeseen issue when roaming, as testing does not allow us to emulate this.

If you experience this issue, please log a ticket and we will investigate which one of these scenarios applies to you.


* It should noted that as roaming falls out of any core carrier guarantees, they may not be able to uphold the same level of service as terminating messages to their own domestic market, and it has been known for messages to deliver sometimes but not others as the roaming bind between carriers can be unreliable. 

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