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Direct Operator Billing - API connection details


For API connection details for Direct Operator Billing (Direct-to-bill), please contact your Account Manager for how to get set-up and approved.


Please see:

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    txtNation Support

    Q: How is Direct Operator Billing different than Premium SMS?

    A: With Premium SMS you must send a SMS message with specific parameters to indicate a charge. The authorization and charge steps are combined. With Direct Operator / Carrier Billing a Premium SMS message is not required to place a charge. All SMS is handled separately as standard-rate messages. The authorization step is distinct so that you can validate a consumer’s ability to purchase prior to delivering content and proceeding with the charge.

    Q: Do the same operator commercial terms and policies apply to Direct Billing as for Premium SMS?

    A: Currently, yes. txtNation continues to work with operators on defining separate commercial terms and policies for transactions that don’t require SMS. 


    Q: Will other operators be supported for Direct Billing?

    A: We are pursuing Direct Billing capability with all Tier 1 operators. Check with your Account Manager periodically for roadmap updates on this front.

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