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SMS Billing - Stop Request / Stop List


What is a STOP request?

All premium / non-premium shortcodes must provide users the ability to opt-out from receiving messages. This is usually done in the form of providing them a "STOP" keyword which can be sent from the handset to the short code.


How are STOP requests handled by the txtNation platform

txtNation holds a global STOP list of all users that no longer which to be sent messages on our shared short codes. This will prevent you from sending premium / free messages to the user until they have opted back into services.  Under special circumstances you may still send free messages, if you wish to find out how please contact our support team.


How can I remove a users from the STOP list

Users are automatically removed from the STOP list the next time they opt in for services. This is usually done when a keyword is sent from their handset to one of our short codes. The stop list does not prevent users from sending messages to a short code.


How must I handle STOP requests

If you are running services where you control the entire message flow (such as using our gateway product), all STOP requests will be passed to you for your own records (so you know the user no longer wishes to be billed / contacted). In some scenarios it will be a requirement that you acknowledge this by sending a free reply to the user, please check local regulations for more details. Please also note STOP requests are specific to a short code not a single service, a "STOP" message to a short code will cancel all subscriptions a user has on it.


What will a STOP request look like when sent to me via Gateway?

A stop request will be posted to you in the following format:

message=ask cc stop

(Where "cc" is your company name)


The STOP request will look like this

Array [action] - mpush_ir_message 
Array [id] - 127067356 
Array [number] - 447777777777 
Array [network] - ORANGEUK 
Array [shortcode] - 60999 
Array [message] - ask yourcompanycode stop 
Array [keyword] -

Note In this instance where applicable keyword means country_prefix as found in















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