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Flows - Web Opt in subscription variables


Q: How can I opt users into a subscription via web opt in:

A: Please see the below guide on how to use an additional variable set to run a web opt in subscription service.

What does it do?

It will allow you to directly remove a users number from our STOP table.

Why do I need this?

If a user is on our stop lists, but opts back in through web-opt-in we have no way of knowing so they will remain blocked.

How does it work?

Your server will make a simple HTTP call to ours telling us to remove the users number from our STOP table. That is the extent to the calls capabilities (no messages will be sent). Once done you will then be free to bill the user as normal.

What do I have to send to do this?

You need to make a call to our normal Gateway location at: with the following variables:

woi_url={the url of the form the user entered their number in} 
woi_ip={the IP of the user} 
ekey={your ekey} 
number={the number to be removed} 
cc={your cc}

You can make this call at the time of opt-in to ensure they are ready to be billed.


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