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XML Feed / Version 2 Explained


The feed is located at networks.xml

Below is a sample network extract from the XML feed:

<country_name>United Kingdom</country_name>


As you can see this differs from version 1. You can see all of the variables are the same but we have now removed the number at the end of each network entry and linked them into one entry covering allavailible tariff on the particular shortcode. 

Please see below for further details on important variables:


This is the mobile network ID, you will notice some networks have numbers appended to the end like above. This is to distinguish between multiple tariffs on the same short code and should be removed before posting to us. In the example you should use "ORANGEUK" removing the "5". When you receive a post this number will not be present.

To quickly search the XML feed and hit CTRL + F on your keyboard (command + F) on a mac. Enter the countries two letter code between > + < (i.e, >IL< for Israel) in the text box. This will then search the entire page for you.

For a full list of all countries please follow this link

<tariff>0.250 GBP</tariff>

This is the value of the network entry in local currency, translated it would be sent as: "value=0.25", "currency=gbp"


For clients using our older version of the mobile gateway this is the credit value associated with each tariff, if you are reading this it is likely you can ignore this value.

With the 2010 release of our Gateway where you post messages to or (as opposed to the old you can post in local currency and value, which is easier than the below Credits http post method:

Credits - txtNation uses a simple credit notation as the charging unit for microbilling. 1 Credit = 0.5 GBP. Values for other currencies will be converted at the given exchange rate. A client sets the value of a billed SMS message to a number of credits, rather than having to set a value for each currency.

1 Credit = 0.5 GBP. 
0.5 Credit = 0.25 GBP

Please Note: Values for other currencies will be converted at the given exchange rate.

Note that, although campaigns are set up in Credits, rather than units of currency, your advertising must show your customers how much they will pay in their currency.

Check to see what each line bills, and when you are performing your post to us, set the amount of credits that corresponds to the value of the line / the amount you want to bill.


This is the billing type of the shortcode, for more information on this please read:


If a value is present in this field it should be placed for your keyword upon texting in (unless otherwise pre-arranged with your account manager).

We have also changed:







To a simple Yes or no option to make this easier to understand.

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