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Payforit 4 - Payment Screens (Page display options); Web and Mobile


For more information, including examples of clients using Payforit - Mobile Billing, Internet Billing and WAP Billing.

Payforit Mobile Payments  (.pdf)


Payforit User Experience Screens and Flows

Most common 3:

- MSISDN Pass-through -  The consumers mobile number is transferred to the API so that the consumer doesn't have to enter their Mobile Number. (MSISDN Pass-through flow).


- MT (Web Opt-in) The consumer needs to enter their mobile number and enter the code which is received by text (MT flow).


- ‘Payforit Single Click’. Enables the consumer to make repeat purchases with fewer clicks.


Payforit MT Web Payment Screen:




Embedded Option: 


Payforit One-Click Payment Screen:

Payforit Mobile Payments


Customer (User) Experience of Payforit for Mobile Payments in the UK

Web Experience (Web Opt-In)
The consumer selects the Payforit option, and then types their mobile number into a payment screen. A unique pin code is instantly sent to their mobile phone which the consumer then types into the payment screen and the purchase is complete.

Mobile Experience (Single-Click)
The mobile user clicks ’BUY’ to pay instantly through Payforit, only having to perform a Single-Click.



Mobile Web Payment Screen:

Payforit txtNation

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