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Payforit 4 - Retry Policies (Validity Period)


Payforit 4 Retry Policy

  • How do retries work? How many do PFI attempt? Especially in regards to subscription services?

Our retry schedule is as follows:

On Orange/Vodafone we can begin retrying at the following intervals:
 - 30 minutes
 - 2
 - 4
 - 8
 - 9.5

On Three we can begin retrying at the following intervals:
 - 1 hour
 - 5
 - 12
 - 6

On O2/T-Mobile/Virgin there are no hourly intervals.

On all networks after that we retry as follows:
 - 1 day (for the next 6 retries)
 - 1 week (for the next 3 retries)
 - 1 month (for further retries)

 - up to 3 months (for further retries) 

End Retry Cycle.

Retrying will continue until the suspended period is reached and the subscription is un-subscribed.



We do not retry subscription setup and one-off charges in order to avoid delays, as the user is on the correct page at the time of submission.

However, we do retry subscription charges as part of an already established subscription. This is dependent upon two parameters, subscriptionGraceTimeoutPeriod and subscriptionSuspendedTimeoutPeriod.

We will keep retrying a subscription in a non-suspended state until the end of the grace timeout period, after which we will continue retrying with the subscription in a suspended state until the end of the subscription timeout period. 

  • Can we use dedicated codes?

Yes – for opt-out, etc but not for billing.
We recommend for larger clients to use their own dedicated code if porting from Premium SMS for compliance and brand reasons.



Payforit other option for retries (inc. using P-SMS)

Subscription (As an example for a 7 day recurring period)

We continue to retry for Direct Billing up to the next recurring billing window, or until successful payment.

Direct Billing: Assuming payment fails you could expect to see 9 Customer Direct Billing Attempt notifications. This is made up of 4 in day one (0, 15min, 1 hr, 3hr) and then 1 per day from days 2-6.

Retires occur due to insufficient funds, and If Direct Billing returns permanent error, txtNation will fall back on Premium SMS.

Retries terminate after 3 months for consistently unsuccessful billing attempts.

Payments won't be backdated for missed periods.

If Direct Billing fails it will fallback onto SMS. We would retry up to 72 hours for SMS, so you could expect to receive Customer SMS Billing Successful notification after 3 days.
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