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Payforit 4 - Refunds and Pricing, STOP Command


Refunds and Pricing

  • Can we refund directly to bill via Payforit?

Direct to Bill is a new form of operators reconciling their billing which will allow refunds. As of January 2013, currently available on Everything Everywhere, Three and Vodafone and is being rolling out on o2, key benefits include:
- Variable pricing in one pence increments, 10p being the lowest. e.g. £7.54.
- Improved VAT structure - e.g. just pay VAT on the service charge as opposed to gross, which means improved outpayments
- Better descriptions on bill. 
- Allows direct to bill refunds and even crediting. Available on all carriers except Vodafone, which is work in progress. No APIs have this integrated yet. 

  • How much can we bill? Max price points / subs price points? Dynamic pricing?

We support up to £30 in £2.50 increments on all networks apart from Virgin.


STOP Command

  • Can we stop transactions via any other means than telling them to use the Short Code?

For subscriptions within PFI, it’s still a STOP/STOP ALL into a Short Code to cease a subscription.  You can also opt people out from the site, as long as they are completely removed from the paid-for subscription.

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