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Payforit 4 - MSISDN of purchasers




Could you let me know what values are passed to the "Return URL" / "Thank you URL".  We're used to being passed the MSISDN to the thank you page so that we can at least verify who is reaching the page (not to abuse system registration). 


Under the Payforit Scheme Rules we are not able to pass you the MSISDN in the redirect back to your server however there are other ways to identify the users which I will explain below.

As part of a transaction when it is complete you will firstly get a post sent to your server notifying you of the payment:

Example which is sent to your "Callback URL":

For a simple one time payment, the Callback URL will receive the following variables by HTTP POST from the txtNation Gateway server, which represent the progress/status each payment attempt.

[key] => da787950b76abXXXX2fdeee4d3ac7427da046bc429
[billed] => 1
[transactionId] => 1481485429996291
[status] => OK
[msisdn] => 447777777777
[network] => ORANGEUK

These variables should be extracted from the HTTP $_POST variable and stored to a database for your own records and further processing.

This can be found in our guide by going to:

For full details of the notifications see PayforIt 4 Notifications:

Regarding the actual return / success url you can specify a unique identifier when creating the window, this could be the user account or a unique reference ID. For example:

When we redirect the user we will send them to be above url and also append the transactionid as above in the post that went to your server. So the final redirect URL would be:

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