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mPUSH / Is it possible to rebrand the mPUSH popup and payment window to resemble my website?


Several items on the mPUSH popup can be customised. In order to match the appearance of the rest of your site, you can alter the logo, the background image and the dialog colours. Text and links can be altered to remove references to txtNation and mPUSH. You can also provide a link to your own Help page to fully integrate the popup into the look and feel of your site.

To begin with, the popup will appear with all of the unbranded defaults. This is adequate for your testing and while you are developing your site. We can perform the rebranding at any stage so you could wait until you have finalised the look of your site before providing us with the details.

Additionally, the popup can also be as an IFRAME, rather than as a popup. The code will not be a part of your programming but the mPUSH dialog will appear as a frame overlayed on your web pages. Effectively, this is a popup which doesn't look like a popup.

If you have not rebranded this popup, you can add this service to an existing site at any time. There is a small one-off charge for this service. Contact your Account Manager for details.

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