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Cyprus - Shared Short Code Requirements and Restrictions


The regulations in Cyprus caters and covers all of the Mobile Payment types, that include Premium SMS BillingStandard Rate Services and Short Codes.




OCECPR's website states: "The broader approach OCECPR in regard to the regulation for electronic communications and postal services are focused on topics' Market Development 'and' Media & Consumer Protection. In regard to electronic communications, the main axis of political OCECPR is the consolidation of competition based on proprietary infrastructure while creating conditions for market entry by alternative providers at different levels of investment. Particular attention will be given on broadband development. Additionally, in the field of consumer protection will be re-evaluated the provisions of universal service and how they affected the new environment of convergence."



We do not currently supply dedicated codes in Cyprus.



cytamobile.jpg  Vodafone - Network name in txtNations system: VODAFONE-CY


Cytamobile-Vodafone represents Cyta’s mobile telephony under the brand name in a partner agreement with Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile communication company. As from February 2004, when they signed the Partner Network Agreement with Vodafone, they are the exclusive Vodafone representatives in Cyprus and at the same time members of the largest mobile communications family worldwide.

Cytamobile-Vodafone maintains the top position in Electronic Communication services with a remarkably successful business development in the Cyprus market for over 20 years.



Market Statistics 


The total revenue generated by the Cypriot electronic communications sector in 2009 was €609 million, which was an increase of 5.18% in comparison to the revenue generated during the preceding year. The fixed sector's revenues amounted to €130 million, while the mobile market's revenue totalled €279 million. Overall investments in the electronic communications sector totalled €113 million, of which €35 million were made by the incumbent in the fixed telephony network, €18 million by alternative operators, and €16 million by mobile operators. The investment over revenue ratio in the Cypriot telecom sector for 2008 was 18.6%.



Area:  total: 9,251 sq km (of which 3,355 sq km are in north Cyprus). Land: 9,241 sq km. Water: 10 sq km
Cities: NICOSIA (capital) 240,000 (2009)
Terrain: central plain with mountains to north and south; scattered but significant plains along southern coast
Climate: temperate; Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool winters

Nationality: noun: Cypriot(s) adjective: Cypriot
Population: 1,120,489 (July 2011 est.)
Annual population growth rate: 1.617% (2011 est.)
Language: Greek (official), Turkish (official), English
Flag: flag-of-cyprus.gif


Type: Republic
Constitution: 16 August 1960
Branches: chief of state and head of government: President Demetris CHRISTOFIAS; cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed jointly by the president and vice president
Independence: 16 August 1960 (from the UK); note - Turkish Cypriots proclaimed self-rule on 13 February 1975 and independence in 1983, but these proclamations are only recognized by Turkey
Political parties: Area under government control: Democratic Party; Democratic Rally; European Party; Fighting Democratic Movement; Green Party of Cyprus; Movement for Social Democrats; Progressive Party of the Working People; United Democrats. Area administered by Turkish Cypriots: Communal Democracy Party; Cyprus Socialist Party; Democratic Party; Freedom and Reform Party; National Unity Party; Nationalist Justice Party; New Cyprus Party; Politics for the People Party; Republican Turkish Party; United Cyprus Party.
Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal


GDP: $23.19 billion (2010 est.)
Avg. annual growth rate: 1% (2010 est.)
Per capita GDP: $21000 (2010 est.)
Natural Resources: copper, pyrites, asbestos, gypsum, timber, salt, marble, clay earth pigment
Agriculture: citrus, vegetables, barley, grapes, olives, vegetables; poultry, pork, lamb; dairy, cheese
Industry: tourism, food and beverage processing, cement and gypsum production, ship repair and refurbishment, textiles, light chemicals, metal products, wood, paper, stone, and clay products
Trade: Exports - Greece 24.4%, Germany 9.1%, UK 8.8% (2009) Imports - Greece 20.1%, Italy 10.8%, UK 8.9%, Germany 8.7%, Israel 6.9%, China 5.5%, Netherlands 4.8% (2009)



Market Growth

General region↓ Total number of Internet users (thousands)↓ Internet Users per 100 inhab.↓ Total population (thousands)↓ GDP per capita↓ GDP total (thousands)↓ Mobile subscibers per 100 inhab.↓ Total number of mobile subscribers (thousands)↓  
 Europe  43.3800 49.8  871  11,669.5  9583.750  112.2  1100  
 [source]  [source]  [source]  [source]  [source]  [source]  [source]  [source]  



The Euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the currency of Cyprus. It is normally abbreviated with the euro sign €, or alternatively EUR€. EUR must be used when conveying the price to users. It is divided into 100 cents. 

€EUR1 in £GBP

€EUR1 in $USD


Further Information

For a detailed summary of the communications market in Cyprus please see for more information.


Approval Process

As part of the application process for a Cyprus short code you will need to complete a txtNation Customer Care Form (CCF). The typical time it takes for the service approval form feedback is roughly 2 weeks and its takes 2 - 3 weeks on average to get live once your CCF has been approved.


Promotional Guidelines

There are currently no set regulations regarding Promotional Guidelines for Premium SMS service in Cyprus. However your service will be evaluate to ensure you are delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Message Flow Requirements

There are currently no set regulations regarding Message Flow Requirements for Premium SMS service in Cyprus. However your service will be evaluate to ensure you are delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Service Types

There are currently no set regulations regarding Service Types for Premium SMS service in Cyprus. However your service will be evaluate to ensure you are delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Billing Types

We operate on an Mobile Originating (MO) billing line on shared lines in Cyprus. See forum entry "What are the SMS billing types available?" for more information on these billing types. 


Opt-in Process

- MO opt-in. (SMS-O)

- Premium transactions require a single Opt-in. (SMS-O)

- Web Opt-in requiring an MO response. (WO-RAR)

- PIN opt-in is not available.


Available Tariffs

The only current available tariff in Cyprus on our shared codes is €1.71. For a more up to date of tariffs, ask your Account Manager for a Cypriot Premium SMS Rate Card.


Shortcode and Keywords

On our shared code in Cyprus we operate on a 4 digit shortcode for each carrier. The full short code is provided on application. Adult content is not available on our shared short codes in Cyprus.


Frequency and Amounts

There are currently no set limits at the time of writing, however your CCF will be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair.



The current Cypriot rate of tax is available via Wikipedia. The out-payments on our rate cards are exclusive of VAT, so if you are VAT registered you can claim a higher out-payment than is shown. 


Shared Codes 

Shared codes are available with a 2 - 3 week lead time depending on carrier availability, the carriers approve based on their backlog, the time of year, price point and service type. You can read more about Short Code Coverage, SMS Billing Services and Mobile Payments in Cyprus on our site.


Cyprus has the following Mobile Payment options available, all of which fall under these regulations:

  • Premium SMS (P-SMS) including Short Code services

Additional options for Mobile Payments and Messaging in Cyprus include:

  • HLR Lookup
  • Bulk SMS 


Note: This page is updated as frequently as possible when we are informed from the regulators or mobile operators in Cyprus of a change or update in regulations. There may be a latest version of Premium SMS, Mobile Payments or Short Code Regulations in Cyprus. Please contact your account manager for more information. 


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