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My.txtNation - When & how do I request to get paid?


When & how do I request to get paid? Am I entitled to all the money in the Account Balance or is there a wait period?


Depending on the country txtNation usually gets revenue from the networks 45 – 120 days from the end of month. Only after this are we able fully reconcile this data, then we can then send out a purchase order with the actual revenue due to you.

If you see your account balance is over 200 £ € OR 400 $ (see JunglePay payout informationtaking into account the payout delay. You will need to request the purchase order using the Request a Purchase Order button on the account balance to inform us that you require a payout to get a prompt payout.


You can access the Request a Purchase Order button in by going to Billing, which can be found at the top of your screen, then select “Balance”


To request a purchase order of the revenues currently held on your behalf by txtNation, use the Request a Purchase Order button beneath Account Balance Display Billing Types. 



This will log a ticket requesting the Accounts Team to generate your Purchase Order, you can check on the ticket progress via

Once you receive this purchase order you then send an invoice back (including your payment details) based on this amount. Then a wire transfer will made into your account.

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