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Control Panel (CP5) - Credits / Pre-paid credits vs Account balance credits


Can you give me an explanation of Bulk Credits vs CP account balance credits?

With CP account balance credits, you have the option to use a universal pricing structure to control the Cost of SMS campaigns called Credits. For example, 1.00 cr = $1.00 (USD) = £0.50 (GBP), etc… This naming convention is used on the account balance, as well as when setting the price of a campaign using one of our pre-built modules and also for the Value parameter when setting up Gateway campaigns, should you opt to set the price using credits.

Each tariff we have has an associated Credit value, you can see more about setting the price using credits here:

We acknowledge that displaying the credit value in the account balance can be confusing, and it would be better to show the actual currency amount, so this is going to be phased out in a new version of CP that we are working on.

These credits should not be confused with Pre-Paid Credits that clients must purchase in order to send standard rate (free) & double opt-in SMS messages to end-users. If you would like to check your Pre-Paid credit balance head to this link below;

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