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Can I bill more than the restrictions set by the carriers?

Yes and no, each described as follows:

“No” - some Carriers (e.g. Orange UK) impose restrictions that means it’s technically impossible to bill more than the allowed amount per day. See for information on the various spending caps in each territory. This cap can be lifted with the carrier upon request. This involves a credit check. Some Orange accounts such as Small Business accounts have this restriction removed as standard. 

“Yes” – some Carriers technically allow the billing of more than their recommended spending cap, but if there is a complaint they reserve the right to issue an administration charge which as per the Terms and Conditions, txtNation pass to the Client whose associated traffic relates to the charge. For example the UK Carrier “o2” at their discretion issue a £200 per over billed user administration charge. Please note historically this is per user that complains, not per user per day that they find and they don’t proactively look for this. Vodafone have been known to refund it back to the user, and deduct the amount at end user value from your payout. 

As default all txtNation accounts are activated with no spending caps in place, however this “Over Billed Revenue” does not display in account balances and is paid via an “Over Billed Purchase Order”, 6 months after the normal payouts would have taken place. On request txtNation can set your account to deliver back a message to users who reach the £30 spending cap per day upon them attempting to make an additional purchase*, please note this incurs the cost of 1 bulk SMS credit for each notification message sent out the cost of which is deducted from your payout on a Purchase Order. 

It is your commercial decision as to risk the administration charges from the Carriers vs the revenue lost from capping users spending on £30 in each day. In general txtNation find that the volume of Administration charges vs the revenue generated make the default account setup more profitable.

*Please note txtNation customers are responsible for delivering this message.
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