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Q: What do the STATUS fields mean in delivery reports in `Outgoing Responses`?

A delivery report allows you to see the status of a message after you have sent it, detailing whether or not its been sent or still waiting to be sent.


NO - If the status reads NO, this means the message had failed to send.

YES - If the status reads YES, the message has been successfully sent.

WAITING - If the status reads waiting, the message is still waiting to be sent.

N/A - If the status reads N/A, there is no value for that field, this will update within 72 hours to either NO or YES.


Outgoing Responses can be found in your control panel, just navigate to;


- Statistics.

- Traffic Reports.

- Outgoing Responses (


Q: What do the STATUS fields mean in delivery reports in my outgoing responses CSV report?

Your CSV report shows a more detailed delivery report compared the outgoing responses table in your control panel, the fields in this mean:

Delivered - The message has been successfully delivered.

Failed - The message has failed to deliver.

Unspecified Error - There has been an unspecified error on the status of the message.

NULL or Empty - A NULL or empty value means there is no delivery report is available for that message.


More information on other types delivery report values can be found on our wiki page (

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