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MytxtNation - Account Balance; Mobile Billing - What do the transaction counts on my “Balance” page mean?


What do the transaction (message) counts on my “Account Balance” page mean?

txtNation provide detailed transaction details, across several categories:




1. Pending Count (Temporary Status)

This is the number of recent  transactions that have not yet been consolidated in our Accounting System.  These should only contain transactions that the networks are likely to payout for.

For example, DELIVERED messages would show in the pending count. However, a FAILED message would not show.

These will move to the reported section within five working days of the message being sent by the end user.


2. Reported Count

These are  transactions that have been consolidated in our Accounting System. In practice, this means we attach a financial value to the transactions and save the transactions summary into our databases.

This the amount of transactions txtNation has been informed the networks could possibly make a payment for.

It is important to note, that just because a network suggested that revenue will be payable for a particular message, it does not mean that this will definitely be paid to txtNation. Issues such as bad debt can mean that some revenue is not paid out.

Also, on rare occasions, networks could change the classification of delivery reports which could lead to messages being reported as a financial message incorrectly.


3. Expected Count

This is the amount of  transactions that txtNation estimate as payable on this line.

Pay-outs can often differ from the Reported count due to things like Bad Debt (i.e. not all users pay for their phone bills)

This is worked out as follows;

Reported Count * Historical Percentage Payout on a network line = Expected Count

For example, the reported count for a line is 100 and the Historical Percentage Payout on this line is 97%. The number of expected transactions would show as 97.

It is important to note, that this is a rough estimate for guidance only and it not intended to be an exact indicator of the payout due.

Note: If Expected = 0, txtNation do not have the bad debt % listed / available for that market at this time.

Read our FAQ about Expected Counts - aka. Discrepancy Rates ("bad debt", "volatility", "confidence level")


4. Actual Count

This is the actual number of transactions that are paid out to a client based on the amount of revenue paid by the network operators to txtNation.

This will only be updated after a client has been sent a revenue statement detailing your revenue payment.



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