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txtNation Gateway and Networking Fee


txtNation have a 1% handling charge of EUP (end user price) for use of our Gateway and Network Connectivity, which is more commonly referred to as our Gateway and Networking Fee. This is reflected in all purchase orders (related to Mobile Billing) and is a capped inflation rate*.


What am I getting for this?




  • Connections' and relations to operators and providers
  • Unlimited bandwidth and SLA protection (uptime guarantee)

txtNation's goal is for you as a client to feel assured that you can guarantee service quality towards your end-customers, as a result of the work we do.


  • Dedicated account management

Our comprehensive and unrivaled service communication via email, the web, and SMS alerts ensures that you are continuously updated on your account and factors affecting performance.


  • Regulatory registration and administration
  • Defending incidents and representing local regulators before escalations.

The people of your choice within your organisation are kept abreast with any and all changes and requirements well in advance of the legislation.


  • Local support (multilingual and regulator approved)
  • Escalations for account management
  • Escalations for customer care **

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable support engineers focus on answering your enquiries directly, without the “layer in between” and giving fast and accurate responses.


  • Network reconciliations and accounting
  • Inflation cap of 1% (Commitment to never rise above this)

You get full transparency of the business you are doing with txtNation through our comprehensive, intuitive Control Panel.

* Inflation Costs

Our 1% gateway fee importantly covers inflation rises in any market you operate in. In that we commit to never go above 1%.

i.e. Your payouts and fees will not rise above this 1% against inflation.

e.g. 2011 Examples: UK: 4%, France: 2.5%, Ireland: 2.9%: Sweden 2.8%, US: 3.4%.

** Escalations are serious Customer (end -user) enquires. For more inforamtion on how txtNation deal with Customer Escalations, please see:

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    txtNation Support

    This is present on Mobile Billing related services and transaction types. It does not apply to non - premium or bulk messaging.

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