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Escalations - Customer Escalations



Escalations fall outside of Customer Care in that they are more official Customer issues and high level queries - Escalations that are sent 'direct from the mobile networks' or 'regulatory bodies' to txtNation directly. We must act on these swiftly and inform service providers immediately to minimize consumer harm and maintain brand protection.

What is an Escalation?

An escalation is an 'end - user' (your customer!) that needs immediate contact. We must immediately act on all escalations and pass these onto the service provider whist dealing with the end user in the shortest possible time frame, to satisfy both the networks and regulators.


Our Escalations team - What they do

Escalations take much time and resource, as such we have a dedicated team to work on all Escalations.

The rules enforced by both parties require aggregators to comply with the strict requirements. Each case needs to be dealt with in a short window, with detailed logs, customer billing and opt-in history required throughout the process.

Escalations are generally passed from the network or regulatory body to txtNation directly and due to the value chain we cannot allow or enable the network or regulators to contact you directly.

Cost of Escalations

Due to the time and resource taken by each escalation and time required to reply and inform networks and regulators, we charge per customer escalation.


All service providers are emailed in full, with transcripts and logs of each individual user escalation (optional, if required).

We can provide you two flexible options for billing of escalations. Please speak to you Account Manager if you are receiving Escalations.

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