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Customer Care - Options


Regulations in each market for Mobile Payments, SMS Billing, Landline Phone Billing (IVR) and even Free to User (Non Premium) services require customers (end users using your service) to have a way to call the service provider via a local support phone number. Not having this in place is no longer allowed and mobile network operators and regulators will penalise for this. 


Regulator approved Customer Care Program

For a small fee you will have the peace of mind that you are compliant, safeguarding network audits and above all your service! Having a Customer Care number will also stop escalations to the local regulator by satisfying the customers dispute or claim before it gets to this stage. Service providers that have local support gain more sales due to customer confidence!


Customer Care (End User Support) for your customers, includes:

    Free 24.7 local support agents trained in all aspects of your services

    Free 24.7 ticketing system to cater for web based enquires

    Free email end user support

    Free web based support  ( 

    Refund or dispute requests handled by txtNation

    Up to 10 customer escalations included per month

    Required Customer Care - Phone Number (Toll Free support number)*



     1. Your Phone Support

     Forwarding to a number of your choice and you manage your own Customer Care. Read More.


     2. Our Phone Support

     Use one of our local Support Numbers and forward to our Customer Care support team. Read More.

Contact your Account Manager for more information on these exclusive Customer Care options. 

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    Video Guide:  Customer Care.

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    Rosemarie Clarke

    I am being charged for a service that I haven't subscribed to... Please issue me with a refund......

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