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(Customer Care) Our Phone Support - 2


Our Phone Support

  • We setup a Local Toll Free Customer Care No. for the required markets.
  • We then forward to our Customer Care support, managing all your customers.


We charge per ticket or per package. Contact your Account Manager for more information on this option.


Using a different Aggregator?, but want Customer Care

 There are some Service Providers that want to get Customer Care managed by txtNation, but remain hosting on a different Aggregator?

Well firstly, let's talk to migrate you over. However we realise there are circumstances, when you can't move right now due to contract commitments or resource, then let txtNation provide you the support!

As you know other Aggregators don't provide Customer Care for your customers, we do! Get Compliant with txtNation Customer Care!

  •     We set you up a local phone number and divert to our local customer care team.
  •     We operate phone lines open daily for 24.7 support.
  •     Then at the end of every week we simply forward you over the list of end user escalations that could not be dealt with on the phone.
  •     We check the user is on your service by finding which service they used. If they used your service we bookmark to send to you.

This covers and satisfies all regulatory and compliance requirements for local customer support in your markets.


What will happen when a user calls our customer care phone line?

Our telephone operators, livechat operators and ticket technicians are trained to deal with the users of your services in a set way to give succinct, clear and honest documented information regarding your service(s), such as:

- The time and date they made the transaction, including the number of billing initiations and billing events.

- A description of your service. 

- A log of the messages sent to the users, containing the exact messages that were sent. 

- The amount that has been spent on your service.

- Proof of opting into your service. 

- Providing the ability to opt-out of your service or opting a user out on their behalf. 

- We will initially decide if a refund is viable given the history of the user. 

- Should the user disagree with our declined refund we will pass them your escalation contact details. Should you wish to change your escalation contact details, we can do this an unlimited amount of times, free of charge. 


Do you want us to provide your users more specific information? Speak to your account manager about us providing even more bespoke information targeted to each users enquiry. 


Typical Support Enquiries Solved 

We find by providing such detailed information relevant to each user, it is a highly effective way to solve most enquiries via the first response, e.g. solving typical support enquiries such as:

 - Billed without knowing or forgot that used the service

- Child used phone without their knowledge

- Charged more than opted in for (we redirect them to your promotions to see for themselves)

- Opted in but didn't receive content

- Service not working / user doesnt know what to do next

- Unsubscribe me / ensure no messages sent to me

- Unsubscribe and refund me

- Would like to know how much has been charged


This frees up your time to run your business more profitably...

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