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Customer Care - Common FAQ's

Top FAQs
Can you help me to get a refund? 
How do I stop an SMS/text service?
There is a charge on my bill that I don't recognise - can you help?
How do I log a complaint?

Common FAQ's - Help for customers.

Questions frequently asked (If you're about to log a support request, this might be a good place to start). SMS / Mobile

Can you help me get a refund?

txtNation only pay refunds once a thorough investigation has been completed, and where refunds are agreed.

txtNation agree refunds should be paid when a breach of regulations has occurred, and will inform you of the outcome of the investigation and how you may receive your refund.

Contact txtNation support team with all available details about the service and your reason for requesting a refund, the support team will assist you complete a complaint and request a refund. 

How can I unsubscribe immediately?
or How do I stop an SMS/text service  

To immediately stop a subscription,key in the single word STOP  and send the message to the 5 digit short code from which you are receiving messages (e.g. 60999).

You should receive a confirmation message that you are unsubscribed. You will no longer then receive messages from that service. Only one daily message that has already been delivered to the carrier could still arrive after opting
out of the service.

There is a charge on my bill that I don't recognise - can you help?

 If the number is a Premium Rate service number or is a mobile shortcode (five or six digits, often begining with 5,6,7 or 8), then  we may be able to help.

Contact  txtNation support team with the telephone number or text shortcode, and any other details you may have about the service. and txtNation will assist you submit a complaint.

What are SMS/ text short codes?

Short codes (shortcodes) are normally four or five digit numbers. Often they begin with 5, 6, 7, or 8 followed by a key word. For example: 81111 VOTE.

Before you sign up to an SMS/TEXT service, check that your handset is able to receive the service (for example not all handsets can receive or view certain types of video or picture messages). 

txtNation also advise to check whether you're signing up to a single (one off) text service with one single payment, or to a subscription service where you will be billed on a regular basis (some ring tones operate this way, for example).

Companies offering subscription services must make it clear to you that you're signing up for a subscription service, and let you know:
• how much each text you receive will cost
• how many texts you'll receive and
• how you can stop the subscription

Premium Phone

What are Phone Paid/Premium Rate Services?

Phone-paid services offer some form of content that is charged to your phone bill or pre-pay phone account. These are also known as Premium rate services.

Services can be accessed by land line (landline) or mobile phone, fax, interactive TV (for example, by using the red button on the remote control) and PC (for example, in e-mails or on the internet).

Most phone-paid services are run responsibly and don't cause concern. The money paid by users for these services is shared between the phone network carrying the service and the organisation(s) providing the content.

Typical services include:
• helplines
• competitions
• mobile ringtone and logo downloads
• voting
• news and sports alerts
• charitable giving
• interactive games
• information
• adult entertainment
• directory enquiries

SMS / Mobile

How do I find out which service I am subscribed to
or how to learn more about the service?

How do I make a complaint?

Contact support for the service via txtNation support site.

By post:

Customer Support
txtNation Limited
Billacombe Road


Telephone contact details can be found at

I didn’t know that I have to pay for the service

All txtNation advertisements clearly communicate (on our website, in our commercials and in our welcome message, either visually and/or verbally) what the price per message is, and how to unsubscribe from the service.

My child subscribed to the service

Please note all txtNation advertisements (on our website, in our commercials and in our welcome message, either visually and/or verbally) clearly communicate that you must be the legal owner of the handset and bill payer to subscribe.

txtNation advertisements clearly state that children must seek parental approval before subscribing to any services. If a child still subscribes to any a service without parental approval, we can’t be held responsible.

Please note that we act according to the Rules & Regulations set by the regulators, Networks, Carriers and the individual Standards and Practices committees.

I never subscribed to any of your services

The only way to get a subscription to a txtNation service is by sending a text message from the subscribed mobile phone (the phone number that receives the service). If you didn’t send an opt-in message, perhaps somebody else used your handset/sim to subscribe to the service.

txtNation do not send messages to a mobile phone number if they haven’t subscribed to a txtNation service.

Advice on mobile phone call charges

Calls and texts made to phone-paid services using a mobile phone, vary in cost depending on the mobile phone network you're using and your price plan. txtNation advise customers to always check the cost of calling or texting phone-paid services from your phone with your telephone operator, before sending the text or making the call.

Advice on landline phone call charges

Calls and texts made to or from land line (landline) phone services, vary in cost depending on the network provider you're using and your price plan. It's best to check the cost of calling or texting phone services from your telephone with your telephone operator, before sending the text or making the call.

What if I receive a text message and don't know who it's from?

Don't delete it.

Call your mobile company e.g. O2, T-mobile, Orange, Vodafone to see if they can give you any information on the sender and whether it cost you anything to receive it.

What if someone has made calls using my phone and I haven't given permission -
Do I still have to pay?

The security of your phone and its use is your responsibility. 

Where theft or fraud can be proven, you may become eligible to claim a refund once all legal proceedings have been completed. Contact txtNation customer support. 

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