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We offer two main types of testing, which allows you to make sure your service is working correctly at all times. Some testing is useful before you go live (during or immediately after integration) and testing can often be required during being live.


Our testing has the following immediate advantages:

  • Easy to set up and test (works with existing API integration).
  • Works for premium (billed) and non-premium (free) testing.
  • Massive coverage, worldwide testing available.
  • Simple, easy to use options combining both emulation and real live conditions testing.



1. Emulation Testing

We can emulate messages using our emulator, simulating what should happen in real conditions. Read More.


2. Live Testing

Test in real time from real messages sent from a mobile handset and track results. Read More.*


Contact your Account Manager for more information on these testing options.

* We recommend CampaignShield for live testing.


Our professional testing further benefits:

  • No need to outsource the testing (no need to spend resource, time, cost or personal for testing)
  • Testing that suits your budget
  • The only Mobile Service Provider or Aggregator to offer this service.**

** From a sample of 15 of the worldwide top mobile service providers and aggregators, none offer live testing in-house.

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