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SMS - How to change "from" field / SENDER ID?


Q: How do I change my sender ID?

A: The Sender ID is the number that the text message appears to be from, this is usually set to your company name or a shortcode*. txtNation allows the Sender ID to be customized in 2 of their products, the method for changing the sender ID is solely based upon whether you are using the gateway or Bulk Push SMS service.

* Usually it is not possible to change the Sender ID of Premium rate text messages.

Changing the Sender ID using txtNation Gateway

In order to change the Sender ID you need to add an additional variable to your script “&title=”, e.g, &title=60999 this will then make then make the message to appear to send from 60999.

The maximum for this variable is 11 characters, changing the message header is not possible on all outbound routes. It is only possible for non-billed messages.

Set the &title= variable makes the variable or text display for each message where this variable is set.

Changing the Sender ID using Bulk Push SMS

If you would like to set a different Sender ID for each Bulk Push SMS, you can set separate Sender ID’s per Bulk Push SMS.

You can do this by;

-Logging into your control panel (
- Navigating to Campaigns (Billing & Messaging).
- Select SMS.
- Bulk Push SMS.
- Select the campaign you wish to edit the sender ID for (Quick Link)
- Select the Pencil tool to edit the campaign.
- Locate the field “Sender”.
- Enter what you wish in the “From” field.
- Click Save.
- This will now display the sender ID to the text you inputted into the From field.

If you have any further questions regarding Sender ID please log a ticket here.

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