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SMS - Requests from 447777777777


Q: Since 2-3 month our server is occasionally getting requests like this:

[action] => mpush_ir_message
[message_id] => xxxxremovedxxxx

[id] => xxxxremovedxxxx

[billing] => MT
[country] => UK
[number] => 447777777777
[network] => BTCELLNETUK
[shortcode] => 60999
[message] => ask xxxxremovedxxxx

date: Thu Jan 14 16:46:50 CET 2010
sent from IP: (one of txtnation ip)

the problems are:
1) we're not have uk sms payment method in our payment methods
2) when trying to search this request in the txtNation control panel, i can't find anything

Can you explain these requests?


A: Thanks for your ticket. The dummy MSISDN 447777777777 or 44777777777 (one digit less) is one that we use for emulating transactions to your server to see how you are integrated.

We can perform this on request, or sometimes just to check out your integration progress.

For example, here is an emulation:

Posting to:
Variables: action=mpush_ir_message&message_id=xxxremovedxxx&id=xxxremovedxxx&billing=MT&country



We note you are not replying with OK when we post to you, as advised on the API at

We note you already have this set to "Yes, notify me" so you should be receiving emails notifying you that you are not replying with OK, and we will try a number of times to attempt to deliver the messages to you.



Note this dummy MSISDN is on a blocked list so you may receive a reply from our server "BARRED", this stops the messages from going out to these numbers on the barred list.

If you get this response, request for us to test from a different MSISDN, or send in yourself from a real handset.

You may also get STOP requests coming from this number, as it is used for testing, every time that a STOP is emulated for this MSISDN, it triggers a STOP post to all clients that have had this MSISDN used for testing. 

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