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SMS - Flow - What is the typical message flow using SMS (Two-Way)?


Q: What is the typical message flow using SMS (Two-Way)?



1. Your end user will send a text message using your keyword to the correct short code for their country. 

2. This will arrive at our system and be parsed, split into component words and examined to determine which client this message is for, which application they are using and which campaign. If you are using a dedicated keyword, it is at this point that the original message is changed to replace that keyword so the message is processed as normal through our systems. Your server will see only the expanded message. 

3. We send the details to your server via an http post to the URL that you specify in the control panel, also known as the "Post URL" . You can then save and process the message on your server.

4. Your server then sends a response as an http post to us to our "Response URL". For a standard rate SMS you post the network name that we inform you with &value=0. For premium messages return back the network name that was posted to you with the "&value=" parameter that corresponds to the value of the connection you are going to bill via. 

5. We then take your HTTP Post and send that response to the end user's handset in the form of an SMS. 

6. We will then await a delivery report from the networks, which can be optionally sent to you in a separate post; this confirms the user has received the message. The Delivery report is not available from all networks in all countries.

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