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Virtual SIM - What is a Virtual SIM and how can I use it?


Virtual SIM and SIM Hosting Options 

Your SIM Card to be hosted by txtNation.

By supplying a SIM card for us to plug into our managed data centre, you can receive up to 50 SMS per second using our Virtual SIM service. Approximately 200 mobile networks globally are supported meaning you can have users send into your code at their standard rate. With the advantage of a national mobile number, even when the SIM is hosted overseas, there is no need for a country code to be used, unlike when texting or dialing a foreign MSISDN.

For example with a French SIM, hosted in the UK, texting from the UK you would have to use +33. However with a French SIM, hosted in the UK, texting in from France you can simply use a 0, like people are used to when dialing family and friends in France.


Is there anything I need to consider when supplying you with a SIM card to be used for a virtual number?

Yes, you must make sure the SIM card is enabled for roaming. We host the SIM cards in a variety of countries, not always in the country where you have procured the SIM card. So, in order for it to work in the hosted country, you must contact the carrier / network operator and ensure that worldwide roaming is enabled. Your account manager can inform you which country your SIM will reside so we can advise on SIM Hosting and / or Virtual SIM options.

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