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SMS - How can I send multi-part SMS messages?


An SMS message can be up to 160 characters. If you send a premium rate, billed, message, you can set the amount you wish to charge within the price points allowed for the line used.

Sometimes, you might wish to send longer messages or to send more than one message in order to charge more than the line allows. This is not allowed in all countries and by all carriers. The Billing type shown in Control Panel for each short code shows whether multi-part messages are allowed.

Using mPUSH or any other of our pre-built solutions, if you specify a price for your message which is above the value allowed for the line, we will send Branding Messages before your message to charge at least the value you selected. You can set the branding messages to something like "Thank you for your purchase from xyz Mobile Music, your Tunes will follow". If this is not allowed according to the billing type for the line, the message will not be sent.

Many of our pre-built modules allow you to specify your response text to your user in several 160-character blocks. These will be shown in Control Panel as Response Text, then Response Text 2, 3 4 etc. Each message will be billed at the same rate. So If you set a rate of 1 credit and set the first 3 messages (leaving 4 blank), the end user will be billed a total of 3 credits (1 for each part).

If you are sending a link, send it as the last part of the message.

If you are using the txtNation Gateway and wish to send a second or subsequent billed message, the first must be an ir_response to the incoming message and the second and subsequent messages must be ir_gateway messages.

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