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USSD - How do I Connect to our USSD API?


We provide our USSD API or connection to our USSD Gateway.

This is a carrier grade USSD API and interface enabling high throughput and session based menu systems.


Our USSD Gateway has two options:


i) USSD Notifications

These are one time messages to the handset with no interactivity.


  • USSD messages are identical to SMS Flash – pops up directly on the screen and are visible in front of other applications.
  • Read more on USSD Notifications.
  • Demo: For a demonstration to your handset of a USSD message please ask your account manager, providing the mobile number you want the message sent to.


ii) USSD Menus (Session)

These are interactive, 'session based' menu systems sent across USSD.


  • Build interactive menus using XML over HTTP
  • Handset responses is routed back to your platform in real time.
  • Demo: Text: "DEMO" to +44 (0)7760199211


See attachments: 


With an easy to use USSD API and integration interface, client and service applications can be integrated into our USSD gateway seamlessly  From OTT options, to surveys, banking applications, Pin based authentication services, all can be enabled via USSD.


To view our USSD API, please see our Wiki.

For more information on our USSD services contact your Account Manager.

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