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USSD - USSD Menus - Common FAQ's


Can I display the menu options in the localised languages on USSD?

Language support is device dependent feature. The menu will take around 80 characters in length in one USSD session as compared to 160 chars in English.

Most phones work fine with the local language when using Unicode.


How does HLR route a specific USSD short code to USSD Gateway?

When a USSD message reaches the HLR, USSD routing is defined together with the Gateway (for example *001# goes to for example, Gateway 3851000001).


USSD Menu Service Restrictions

The following scenarios mean that USSD menus may not function as expected. As USSD has no delivery reporting, or visibility on if a message has displayed on the handset, it is important that your service can work within the restrictions of USSD.
1) Apple handsets screenlocked by PIN
Note: Android is not affected and works as expected.  
USSD message will not display on the handset. As USSD is a one time push, it will also not arrive once the user has entered their PIN to unlock the handset.
Ensure the user's phone is unlocked when they receive the USSD:
Example A - Have the user send in a message to a short or long code (available from txtNation on request) and instantly send back the USSD.
Example B - Inform the user on the opt-in instructions, and give them the option to push another from a website.

Supported networks


Please refer to the attached .xls, containing a list of all supported networks in various countries.

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