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What is mFUSION?


mFUSION is our Mobile Campaign and Mobile Marketing software platform. You can set up a wide range of campaign based services, from Text to Win to Auctions, IVR Premium Rate Calls to SMS Voting.

We enable Mobile Marketing for Advertisers, Agencies, Brands and Mobile Businesses with our mFUSION platform.


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    biodun akinsanya

    Please I like to know if the SMS Gateway can help process SMS requests, authenticate recharge or pin card codes and give auto response whether the card is valid or not.

    Simplified as

    • Get a shortcode service
    • Shortcode service autheticates recharge or pin card detail
    • Sends a positive or negetive confirmation message to user
    • message is entered into a database

    Thank you...

  • Avatar
    Butterdead Neo

    How to get it?

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