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mFUSION / What is SMS Marketing and how can I set up SMS Marketing services?


What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a form of advertising that uses text messages / SMS as the mechanism to deliver the marketing message. SMS marketing has increased in popularly over the last several years due to response and conversion rates higher than almost all other forms of marketing.

SMS marketing can be classified as the ability to send text messages to customers or potential customers mobile phones with a marketing message or advertisement for a product or service. Advertisers will then look for a reply rate, which can be measure by tracking open rates, click rates (if URL present in the text message, text replies or calls (if a phone no. was present in the SMS advertisement).

We typically see more and more companies trialing different forms of SMS marketing and incorporating this into their marketing mix as mobile marketing becomes more prevalent and more sought after for advertising agencies and brands.

How can I set up SMS Marketing services with txtNation?

To set up SMS Marketing services, first you need to contact us and let us know your idea for your text message marketing service. We are here to assist you throughout the process from early stage idea to the full deployment of your marketing.

Full statistics are provided via the txtNation Control Panel, which will help you measure your campaign success. Our mFUSION platform will allow you to create multiple mobile marketing campaigns to track your success in real time.

txtNation provide award winning text message marketing software, enabling you to deliver cutting edge SMS advertising campaigns to your customers first time, every time.

Contact your txtNation Account Manager for more information on setting up SMS marketing services.

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